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This page is on my pets......


I have 1 dog, Red my male Min Pin.
I have 4 birds they are Sweety a male gray cockatiel, Jery a male gray cockatiel, Kitty a lunito female cockatiel, and Ozzy my male green rump Parrotlet.
I have 1 snake, Ekans my male Ball Python.
I have 2 female green anoles.
I have 3 female leopard geckos they are Gecky(normal), short stuff (high yellow mix temper albino. I have one male leopard gecko he is a Temper Albino named Sesshmoru.
I have 2 female rats. They are Snowpuff a white dumbo rat and Sugar a hairless dumbo rat. I have 1 male rat named Rufus, he's a white albino.
I have a fire belly Newt named Fig.
I have a female Rose hair tarantula named Kagura.
I have 9 breeder mice, 7 females and 2 males.
I have a young African mudskipper.
I have 1 gold fish.
I have 1 crown tail betta.
I have 1 Yellow Belly Slider, it's my boy friends but it's at my house *turtle*.
I have 1 African Giant Millipede named milli.
I have a fiddler crab.
I also have a freshwater pipefish.
That's all for now, till I get more.

adopt your own virtual pet!

Go see my newest neopet Kagome_baby2003. go here

my neo pet. cleck here to see Draychi101.

my neo pet. I have another neopet. go to see Blue_Shannon85.

my neopet,I just got me a new little pet go see him......


Sesshomaru my male temper albino leopard gecko.

Ozzy is a green rump Parrotlet. The smallest out of them all.

my newt

Buster my bigle mix pit *RIP*


These are my mice I had years ago as breeders. In the pic there is some of my female mice the male & some other females are not in the pic.RIP

OK the tan/white mouse male and others are the females. Some from other pic above. RIP


These are all my fish tanks. The 20 gallon long has goldfish the other pic is all my betta bowls.


ekans eating a mouse.


this is geico my female leo & if you look it the back you can see red.


this is sweety


this is gecky my female leo

Pics of some birds I saved.

A one eye morning dove

A baby blue jay

A morning dove that had a broke wing

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