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Leopard Gecko Gold & The Finch House

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WE ARE MOVING SITES!!!!!! Here is our new site
This site will no longer be updated!
Welcome to  Leopard Gecko Gold & The Finch House!

On this site I will tell you all about leopard geckos and Zebra Finches. I will even show some of my leo's and Finches. I will even have a for sale page. I may be able to ship my leos to some places in the US but I can not ship out of the US. I wont be shipping any of the non leo pets and items. I also wont ship my finches.

I hope you'll find the information you need on this site. I hope you come back and tell others about the site. There is even a Guest book at the end of this page.

Leopard Gecko Gold & The Finch House
Warner Robins 
Georgia, US 31088

Here is where the Leopard geckos live.

The leo tank. I do have another tank but this is the breeder tank.

Please get in touch to offer comments. Don't forget to sign the Guest book.

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