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this page is on Yu-Gi-Oh!

Yu-Gi-Oh, which means "the king of the game" in Japanese, is about Yugi, a high school student who has two different personalities within himself. One personality is a kid lacking confidence in his life. The other is a smart and daring teenage gamer, who often challenges people in games, and never loses. This second personality of Yugi frequently attracts attention of Seto Kaiba, who challenges him to a game of Duel Monsters. The defeat of Kaiba brings Yugi to the attention of Maximillion Pegasus, the mysterious inventor of Duel Monsters. This is just the start of Yugi's adventures.
Yugi Mutou
Yugi Mutou is a shy, weak freshman at Domino High School. He loves games, and grandfather runs a gaming shop where they live. His grandfather gave him a mysterious puzzle, the Egyptian "Millennium Puzzle." After putting the puzzle together, Yugi's life changed forever. Using the magic within the puzzle, he transforms into an "invincible" gaming king. Even when playing using his opponent's rules, Yugi baits his opponents and defeats them. Yugi has a rival in Seto Kaiba, master player of "Magic and Wizards." After Yugi defeats Seto, Seto sets out to destroy Yugi. The defeat also brings Yugi to the attention of Maximillion Pegasus, creator of "Duel Monsters" and owner of the Millenium Eye.

Joey Wheeler
Joey, a freshman at Domino High School, is a hardcore street kid. Although he and Tristan use to pick on Yugi, Yugi considered them his friends. Joey developed a soft soft for Yugi because he knew how vulnerable he was. Joey sometimes acts before he thinks, but he cares for his friends. He often stands up for Yugi and his friends and would go out of his way to help them. Joey is best of friends with Tristan. They can be seen together at school and around the neighborhood. Joey, who learned how to play "Duel Monsters" from Yugi, is an accomplished Duelist and accompanies him to the Duelist Kingdom. But Joey is nowhere near the level of Yugi nor Kaiba.

Téa Gardner
Téa, a freshman at Domino High School, is a childhood friend of Yugi. Her dream is to go to New York to study dance. In the meantime, she spends her time with her friends at school. Yugi once saved her from a robber when she worked at "Burger World." Téa eventually learned about Yugi's secret identity. Téa, alongs with Tristan, follows Yugi and Joey to the Duelist Kingdom by sneaking aboard the cruise ship bound for the Duelist Kingdom.

Tristan Taylor
Tristan, a freshman at Domino High School, is Joey's closest friend. They've known each other for a long time. The two tease each other, make fun of each other, even beat each other up, but it's all for fun. Tristan met Yugi at the same time Joey did. They both used to pick on Yugi, but some became friends with Yugi. Tristan will not hesitate to back up Yugi. Tristan, along with Téa, follows Yugi and Joey to the Duelist Kingdom by sneaking aboard the cruise ship bound for the Duelist Kingdom.

Mai Valentine
Mai Valentine is one of the top duelists in the world and fights for the riches that awaits the best. She is best known for her use of her good looks and feminine wiles to win duels. She is also known for continuously using her favorite card in battle: Harpy Lady. Mai is a confident duelist, but that confidence is shaken when she battles Joey. Joey figures out her use of perfume on her cards and defeats her. She gets humbled when Yugi fights on her behalf to get back her starchips. Its at that moment Mai understands what the true Yugi and Joey were like. She's taking part in the Battle City tournament, putting her prized Harpies on the block.

Maximillion Pegasus
Maximillion Pegasus, the sophisticated American, is the top bad guy in the "Duelist Kingdom" arc. He is the creator of "Duel Monsters." His long hair covers his left eye, where he keeps his secret millenium item, the Millenium Eye. The eye also him to read an opponent's mind, an ability that is always handy in a duel. After learning of Seto's defeat, Pegasus steals the soul of Yugi's Grandpa then forces Yugi to go to the Duelist Kingdom, where they are destined for a showdown.

Seto Kaiba
Seto is the wealthy, yet cold-hearted, owner and CEO of KaibaCorp; but he has an unlimited passion for "Duel Monsters." In fact, he even built his own gaming palace, Kaiba Land. Seto can't live with the fact that he was defeated by Yugi and tries to take revenge for the loss. Seto and his younger brother Mokuba were orphans who were adopted by Gozaburo Kaiba after Seto won a game of chess. But Gozaburo treated Seto cruelly in order to train his successor, resulting in the cold-hearted Seto we know now. He has a group of guys working for KaibaCorp called the "Big Five". He thought that they were under his control; but he was wrong. The "Big Five" betrayed Seto to Pegasus, who would get rid of Seto and take over the patents for the different "battle gaming systems" that Seto created. Thus, Pegasus would control KaibaCorp. Pegasus' plan depends on who wins at the Duelist Kingdom

Mokuba Kaiba
Mokuba Kaiba is Seto's little brother. He shares the same thing for gaming as his brother, but not to the extent of Seto, yet. Seto promised to take care of Mokuba, and Mokuba idolizes his brother and will avenge anyone who crosses him. After Seto lapsed into a coma-like state after being defeated by Yugi, Mokuba set out to the Duelist Kingdom to defeat Pegasus and get his brother back.

Yugi's grandpa, an expert gamer himself, owns a game shop below the house where he and Yugi lives. Yugi gets most of his games and other items from here. Grandpa is a great player of "Duel Monsters" too. He has a special card, the "Blue Eyes White Dragon". It is claimed that it can only be used by the person who's heart it belong to. Seto Kaiba stole it from Yugi; but in the end, the heart of the card was for Grandpa. Seto couldn't use it. He gave Yugi the "Millennium Puzzle." He knew what secrets it held, and wanted Yugi to become stronger. But becoming stronger comes at a consequence and price.

Bakura, a freshman transfer student at Domino High School, possess the "Millenium Ring." The ring's dark powers took over Bakura's body and mind. Using the ring, he could steal a person's spirit and turn it into a little mannequin.

Millenium Items     
Millenium Puzzle
The Millenium Puzzle is owned by Yugi. It gives the owner another personality. The owner becomes smart and daring, and has the ability to win any game. . The Millenium Puzzle ended up in the hands of Yugi's grandpa, who gives it to Yugi. After Yugi solved the puzzle, he became Yami Yugi, king of games.

Millenium Ring
The Millenium Ring is owned by Bakura. It gives the owner an evil personality and allows the owner to detect the other Millenium Items and gain their powers.

Millenium Anhk
The Millenium Anhk is owned by Sadi. The Anhk lets the owner look into a person's heart and see their personality.

Millenium Scale
The Millenium Scale is also owned by Sadi. It allows the owner to judge people. If the owner asks a question, the person being asked the question must answer seriously. If not, he can be punished.

Millenium Eye
The Millenium Eye is owned by Maximillion Pegasus, the American who designed "Duel Monsters". The eye allows the owner to read the mind of other people.

Millenium Tauk
The Millenium Tauk is owned by an Egyptian god named Isis. It allows the owner to see into the future.

Millenium Rod
The Millenium Rod is owned by Malik. It allows the owner to control a person's mind.

Japanese Names English Names
Yugi Mutou Yugi Mutou
Jounouchi Katsuya Joey Wheeler
Honda Hiroto Tristan Taylor
Anzu Mazaki Téa Gardner
Mai Kujaku Mai Valentine
Sugoroku Mutou Grandpa
Ryou Bakura Bakura
Seto Kaiba Seto Kaiba
Mokuba Kaiba Mokuba Kaiba
Pegasus J. Crawford Maximillion Pegasus
Egyptian Shadi Sadi

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