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I want to tell people about my friends, If you wont to know more about my friends go to the friend page. I well have some pet things on my site & anime stuff like saillor moon & inuyasha & more. Just keep comeing back I update alot & don't know when I will update next....

 WARNING: Heather's Evil Lair has been shut down for good. Sorry.

Hey people go look at Kenshin's Sword a really cool site. It's one of the best Kenshin sites out there.......

GO look at Anime Central 13. It's a cool anime site.

If you love leopard gecko's go to Leopard Gecko Gold my newest site just for Leo's. OR go to my rodent site called My Rodent Domain to look at my pet rodents..

What's New?
Wow long time no update again, well i updated the pet page where i changed some of the pets around yep, and i just added to the contact page saying if you need to e-mail me for animal help please up the word "help" as the subject.
Well long time no update so I did one today. It's not a big one all I did is do some things on the pet page. I had to take off a name and put a name on it but that's about it for now... OH and im shuting down "Heather's Evil Lair" for good. Sorry
Ok well I added a link on the link page to a little video called Pit Bull Problem. IT'S good go look....
Ok I updated the info on the Pet Page, big time.
Well I added mice breeding on the Breeding page thats on the Pet page....
OK I updated the Rurouni Kenshin page. ON that page I updated Kenshin's profile and added a profile for Samurai X OVA's.
I added some neopet links around the site. HAVE a good day.
Well I had to update the Inuyasha page. The last Inuyasha ep is 167 "The Bond of Two – Use the Shikon Shard". Its really good it's just Naraku does not die..... OH and there is a Inuyasha Movie 4 in Japan starting 12/23/04.
I had to update the pet page on what pets I have.

this site will be the best I ever made......
I just hope every one of you people like it..... This site has been up sense April 2002.