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If you want to aply for an award PLEASE use the word "award" as the subject of the e-mail, or i wont get it.


The cool site award. All you need is a site and it has to have stuff on it. It's like the easy award I mean every one can get this. Your site don't even have to be about anime. All you have to do is e-mail me the following.
Your Name:
Your site URL:
Your site name:
And the Award you want:


The Anime Site award. All you need is a site with any anime on it. It as to have a good bit on it though. The site can just be one anime or lots. The site must not have just a pic or just one or two words about a anime show. The site can have other things on it but must have way more anime than the other. If you want to try for it e-mail me the following.
Your Name:
Your site URL:
Your site name:
The award you want:


The Love site award. You need a site with any type of love on it. I mean it can be a anime site about a couple or about a person loveing another person. To try for this award e-mail me the following.
YOur Name:
Your Site URL:
Your Site name:
What award you want.

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