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this page in on cardcaptors.....


Age: 10
Grade: 4th
Best friend:madison

Birthday: April 1st
Biggest Secret: Shes a cardcaptor
Occupation: School
Favorite Thing To Do: Rollerblading
Favorite Food: Noodles
Favorite Subjects: Music & Physical Education
Least Favorite Subject: Math
Favorite Colors: Pink & White
Favorite Flower: Cherry Blossom
Japanese Name:Sakura kinomoto
Most wanted: A new school bag
Japanese Name:Sakura kinomoto
Most wanted: A new school bag
Sakura Avalon is a cute, smart 4th grader who led a normal life in her hometown of Tomoeda, Japan until one day she heard a strange noise from her father's library in the basement. She went down there and found a book called "The Clow" which had a big golden lion on the front. Inside there was a card called "Windy", as Sakura said "windy", a wind was released. It blew all the cards out of the book, which scattered all around Japan, causing trouble everywhere. The book was actually the holder of the magical Clow Cards, created by a magician named Clow Reed. Just then, a little cute bear-like creature with tiny wings named Kero (actually Keroberos, who's true form was the huge lion on the front of the book) appeared and said that he had dozed off while he should be guarding the cards. He quickly appointed Sakura to be the card captor to put the magic cards back in the right place although obviously it was his fault. He gave her a key which changes into a magical staff whenever she says "Release!" and could capture the Clow Cards back. The cards must be shut up inside the book or they will bring disaster to the world. Hence the beginning of Sakura the Card Captor.

                 Here is something else about her......

Sakura Avalon is the daughter of Aiden and Natasha Avalon, and the sister of Tori Avalon. She is a very energetic person and she is very popular in school. Her best friend is Madison Taylor, who is also her third cousin. She even has a rival named Meilin Rae who is just jealous of her because Meilin thinks that Sakura will try to take her boyfriend, Li Showron. Sakura's real crush is on Julian Star. Sakura was the one that accidentally released the Clow Cards when she summoned the Windy card. This was the reason she was made a Cardcaptor.

Age: 10
Grade: 4th
Best friend: ???
Biggest Secret: Likes Sakura
Birthday: July 13
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Flower: Peony
Favorite Food: Dim Sum, Chocolate
Favorite Subject: Math, Physical Education
Most Dislike Subject: Japanese
Japanese Name: Syaoran Li
Most Wanted: Clows power, Clow cards, Magic Book

 Li is one of the main characters in this show and like sakura he has magical powers, at the start of the show. Li is sakuras rival but as the series progresses he begins to see sakura as his partner, and in the sakura card season he starts to develop a crush on her.

                                Here is something more about him.....

Li Showron, a decendant of Clow Reed, came to Japan from Hong Kong after sensing that the clow cards were released. Li Showron also has magical powers like Sakura, and he has a sword that works like Sakura's wand. He's a very serious guy and at first it seemed that he was the rival for Sakura for the clow cards. But later on in the series he helps Sakura capture the cards and he starts to develop feelings for Sakura. Li Showron is engaged to Meilin Rae. He loves Meilin Rae as a sister, but she loves him and can be very possessive of him at times.

Age: don't know
Best Friend: Sakura
Birthday: wont say it
Japanise Name: Kero-Chan
Most wanted: New Video Game
Fave thing: food
Mistress: Sakura Avalon
Birthday: Secret
Symbol: Sun
Group: Yang (light)
Magic type: Western
True Form: Lion with wings
False Form: A stuffed bear with wings
Favorite Thing To Do: Play Video Games
Favorite Food: Almost Anything Sweet
Favorite Flower: Sunflowers
Like: Peace and full of happiness things
Dislike: Horrible things
Wants: More Video Games

Kero is the seal and protector of the Clow Cards. Kero was made by Clow Reed to protect the Clow Cards when he is gone. Once when all the cards were in the book, he was in a form that looks like a lion with wings, but without a mane. But after Sakura released almost all the Clow Cards by summoning The Windy, he is just a stuffed animal with wings. This stuffed-animal is not Kero's true form. Kero's main powers are from the Earth and Fire Cards. So, in other simpler words, he can't change to his other form, a lion with wings, unless Sakura retrieves the two Cards. He was the one who made Sakura a Cardcaptor and gave her the key to the sealing wand. He used to live in the Clow Book but now he lives inside a desk drawer in Sakura's room. Kero represents the Sun on the Clow Book while Yue, who is hidden away in Julian, represents the Moon.

Julian Star (Yue)
Age: 17
Blood Type: AB
Height: 175cm
Birthday: December 25
Grade: 11
Favorite Flower: Primrose
Favorite Subject: Math
Most Dislike Subject: None
Favorite Color: White
Best Recipe: Curry
Favorite Food (Julian): Any food
Wants: A new lunch box

Mistress: Sakura Avalon
Symbol : Moon
Group : Yin (Darkness)
Magic type : Eastern
Favorite food (Yue): Can't eat anything

Julian hangs around with Tori, and he is also Sakura's crush. He is an extremely nice person, even to strangers. Julian loves to eat, although he never gets full. Julian doesn't know the existense of Yue (guardian of Sakura, representing the moon), who had been staying inside his body for a very long time. Yue only comes out when Julian is asleep. Yue gets fed up with the unstable changes often. Soon enough, Julian constantly finds himself appearing in different places and fainting frequently.
Yue judges those who want to be the master of the Clow Cards. Li is defeated by Yue, but Sakura defeats Yue (with help from Miss McKenzie's bell) to become the mistress of the Clow Cards. Yue remains inside Julian to become Sakura's guardian.

Tori Avalon
Age: 17
Blood Type: O
Height: 180cm
Birthday: February 29th
Grade: 11
Favorite Flower: Peach
Favorite Subject: Chemistry
Most Dislike Subject: None
Favourite Color: Blue
Best Recipe: Pancake, chow mein
Favourite Food: Steak
Most Dislike Food: None
What He Wants: A new pair of sneakers

Tori is Sakura's older brother. He is always teasing Sakura, calling her "squirt" and teasing her. Deep down though, he really cares for her. He knows about the Clow Cards and that Sakura is a cardcaptor, although he pretends he knows nothing about it. Tori has the power to see ghosts. Tori used to tell Sakura about the ghosts he saw, but unfortunately it had the reverse effect on Sakura that Tori hoped for. Sakura became more afraid of ghosts! Tori is a good friend of Julian, and he feels that there's "power" inside his friend. From the very beginning he knows that Julian is not 100% human, but he accepts him the same as any other human. Soon, he found out Yue's secret and that he stayed in Julian's body.

Eli Moon
Birthday: March 23
School: Readington Elementary (English name)
Bloodtype: AB
Hobby: Cooking
Talent: Memorize people's faces and names
Best Recipe: Cake
Favorite Food: Sweets
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Flower: Cherry Blossom

Eli is half the reincarnation of Clow Reed. He has magical powers just like Sakura and Li, but stronger. He comes as a transfer student from England. When Li was about to go back to Hong Kong, Eli moves in. Li was suspicious about Eli, so he decided to stay. Eli was really nice to Sakura and her friends, but Li sort of got jealous everytime he sees Eli being nice to Sakura. He has 2 guardians: Spinner and Ruby Moon. (Eli is not related to Ruby Moon.)

Ruby Moon
Age: 17
Birthday: October 23
Bloodtype: AB
Favorite Class: Math
Favorite Food: Doesn't Eat
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Flower: Queen of Night
Symbol: Moon
Group: Yang (Light)
Magic Type: Western
Master: Eli Moon

Ruby Moon is Eli's guardian representing the moon. She's a ditz and really hyper. She goes to school with Tori and Julian and always hangs around Tori (literally). She's always giving Julian cold stares. Ruby has no specific gender, but she wears girl's clothes. (Ruby is not related to Eli Moon.)

Favorite Food: Spicy Food
Favorite Color: Black
Likes: Reading books
Master: Eli Moon
Symbol: Sun
Group: Yin (Dark)
Magic Type: Eastern
True Form: Panther with butterfly wings
False Form: A little cat with 4 wings

Spinner is the guardian beast of Eli. He can transform into his true form any time he wants. His powers are the opposite of Kero's, but just as powerful. At home, he helps Eli with the housework and cooking.

more coming soon.....

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