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Type the names of these music videos in to Kazaa and look them up (Warning: Kazaa may give your computer a virus BUT not every time you downloud).
Ruroni Kenshin--Linkin Park--Forgotten
Broken Wings

Kenshin Himura--Also known as Hitokiri Battousai. 10 years before now he was the Battousai the man slayer. He uses a sword called the reverse blade sword. So on here is some on his life. He was born under the name of Shinta to a peasant family somewhere in Japan. Both his parents died when he was very young. He than was taken in by some women and one night some men came and killed every one and was about to kill Shinta but Hiko comes and kills the men. Hiko takes Shinta in and raises him under the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu and changes his name to Kenshin. He trains him to be a assassin. Well after a few years he leaves Hiko. He then met a young woman by the name of Yukishiro Tomoe. They were married and lived together in hiding until it was revealed that Tomoe was a spy for her dead fiancÚ, who Kenshin had previously killed. Latter on she fines that she loves him to much and leaves him. Well Kenshin is told that Tomoe is a trader and has to kill her but Kenshin does not want to kill her he just wants her back. Well Kenshin fines out where she went and goes to get her back. After that he fights 3 men and has to face Tomoe's dad so he fights. In the middle of the battle when Kenshin is about to win Tomoe jumps in frount on him to stop the knife that her dad has. Kenshin kills Tomoe and and her dad. Tomoe falls back onto Kenshin and they cry. Kenshins is very upset and unhappy. The first part of the scar on his face was made by Tomoe's husbend to be a year ago that Kenshin killed. The last part of the scare was from Tomoe her self for Kenshin to remember her from. Than he vows never to kill again after he kills the people that tricks Tomoe and him. He leaves and travles until he meets a young woman by the name of Kamiya Kaoru ten long years later.
Kamiya Kaoru-- She took over the dojo after her father died. She lives there all by her self and teaches Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu. One day, she meets Kenshin by accidentally attacking him and claiming him to be the murderer that was roaming the streets calling himself the "hitokiri battousai." After Kenshin saves her life, he joins her to help restore the dojo and keep her company. Latter on in the show she gets a strong bone between her and Kenshin. One day Saitou Hajime comes to the dojo and pick a fight with Kenshin. Well Kaoru crys for Kenshin because the two men fight and she sees Kenshin slowly turning back in to the Battousai. They do stop and Saitou Hajime leaves. But Sasaki Heihachirou comes to ask Kenshin to leave and kill some people or be a spy. Kenshin had a few days to make up his mine on what to do. Well that day came and Kenshin was on his way to tell Sasaki Heihachirou if he is going or not. ON the way Sasaki Heihachirou was killed. Kenshin new who did it and said he will go. That night he came half way back to the dojo to say good bye to Karou. He gives her a hug and she starts crying and he leaves. He does come back but I'm not sure when but he does. Than a war starts far off and Kenshin tells her he needs to go. That night Kaoru goes in the room where Kenshin is and puts some cover on him but he is sitting up. They talk and Karou bends over and thay start to kiss. Kenshin falls back on the rug and Kaoru falls on top. They kiss longer and than she trys to take his shirt off and he stops her. She tells him she wants to share his pain so he looks at her for a few mins than starts to kiss her and flips her over on her back. Few days after that he gets into more fights and when the time came he had to leave. Years pass and Karou waits for him. She is dieing form a disease that she got from Kenshin that night that no medicine can get rid off. Well Kenshin is dieing of it to. But before they die they meet again for the last time. But she does not call him by Kensin she calls him Shinta.
PS. they have a kid named Kenji.
Myoujin Yahiko - In Tokyo he was forced into stealing to pay back his family's debts after their deaths. Latter on he was took in by Kaoru and Kenshin. At the dojo he turns to be a swordsman. He's the closest thing to a little brother that Kaoru could have, usually getting himself into trouble and trying to live up to his father's name. When he grows up, he helps to train Kenji and take care of him when Kenshin is gone away and later inherits Kenshins sakabatou when he is a teenager.

 Sagara Sanosuke- This guy was once a proud member of a resistance group against the Royalists. Sanosuke has forever hated Royalist members since the death of his best friend and father figure. As he growed up he was a bum. He would get into fights all the time. The way he found Kenshin is he challenges him to a fight. Soon afterwards, he realizes that Kenshin's motives are for bettering everyone's lives and he agrees to hang around constantly nagging at Kaoru and messing with Yahiko.

Takani Megumi-she works in an attempt to become a doctor and to live up to her father's name even under the pressure of making the illegal drugs. She is rescued by Kenshin and starts her life over as a doctor. She's a constant flirt and many think that there is a relationship between her and Sanosuke. Kaoru is often jealous of Megumi and wishes to be more like her so that she can get Kenshin's attention. Megumi enjoys teasing Kaoru, though she means no harm, about Kenshin by flirting with him. Sometimes, however, her tricks go too far and Kaoru becomes truly hurt by her comments.

Makamachi Misao-She was raised by the Oniwabanshuu and fell in love with Shinomori Aoshi even if he did leave her when she was young. She is the heir of the Oniwashuu gang as her father, Okashira, was the leader of the group. After her father died, she was left in the care of Okina and the rest of the Oniwabanshuu. Since Shinomori Aoshi and most of the Oniwabanshuu would leave frequently and leave her behind for her safety she sets off to fine Aoshi and runs in to Kenshin. She discovers that he has some sort of connection with Aoshi and follows him till trying to pry information out of him, steal money from him, and con him into telling her information. None of it worked on Kenshin of course. She does get to see Aoshi again but he does not even want to see her. He tells her not to flow him or try to see him ever again. She is hurt by this.

~Way more to come~

Samurai X: The OVA's of Rurouni Kenshin. There are a few OVA's.  One OVA is "Trust and Betrayal" it's about how Kenshin got his x scar on his face. The other OVA's are about Kaoru and him meeting and there life and Kenji there son. IN these OVA's Kenshin dies. There are 4 vol.s to this OVA they are
1. Trust
2. Betrayal
3. The motion picture
4. Reflection.

You're a decent fighter, but you have your 'feminine' side (which makes you really, really, REALLY MOODY). You're a great sensei, but you can't cook to save your life. Good thing you have Kenshin! ^-^x ReverseBlade!

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