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On this page you will learn about inuyasha & the rest....
Last EP of Inuyasha ep 167 "The Bond of Two – Use the Shikon Shard".


If you wont to know the ep names go HERE.
All so go HERE to see IY4Ever site and get cool downlouds of the eps all the way to the last ep of Inuyasha.

All these pics are from other sites like ~bborchar or

Pic of Miroku

Pic of Kouga.

This is Ayame.

this is Inuyasha full demon...

this is Inuyasha's & Sesshoumaru's dad...

this pic is Inuyashas older brother in his ture form...

this is Sesshoumaru(inuyasha's older brother)...

this is Naraku in his baboon suit....

this is a pic of Naraku......

this is Shippo with his dad's pelt...

this is a pic of Sango.....

pic of Sango & Kirara....

Some Inuyasha music videos off of Kazaa lite or WinMX. Just type the name in and search. Or look my name up. Im Kagome100.
Inuyasha-she hates me
Inuyasha-let the dogs out
Inuyasha-love me when im gone
Inuyasha amv - Break Stuff
InuYasha AMV - Linkin Park - In the End
Inuyasha AMV -- Linkin Park - Runaway
inuyasha-hot in here-[fob]music video
Complicated- Inuyasha
Inuyasha AMV - Miss Jane - It's A Fine Day
Inu Yasha - M2M - Mirror, Mirror
Inu Yasha - AMV - Down With The Sickness
Or just look up my name Kagome100.......
Go HERE to downloud the movie2 and 3rd movie of Inuyasha.....
There will be a Inuyasha trading card game out on Oct. 20th of 2004. Go here to find out more.

*about the people*
INUYASHA:  Inuyasha is a half-breed or other words a half demon. His mom was a human & his dad was full dog demon so that makes him half of both. Because of his bloodline, Inuyasha inherited the powers of demons and took on a lot of the characteristics of his father including his eye color, hair, dog ears, fangs, and claws. His powers are just as strong as most of the full demons, but he does have weakness attributes due to his Human heritage. Every new moon Inyashas demon powers wane and he becomes full Human for a night losing his demon like appearance (his hair becomes black, his eyes become violet, and his fangs and claws disappear) and his strength returns to that of a normal Human. Because of being a hanyou, Inuyasha tries to find the mysterious sphere called the Shikon no Tama or Four-Souled Jewel which grants youkai great powers. Using this power, Inuyasha wishes to become full-youkai. He finds out that the jewel is the in the possession of a young miko (priestess) named Kikyo and he attacks her. Kikyo uses her bow and arrows and pins Inuyasha to a tree with a few of them, but spares his life. Inuyasha becomes curious of her behavior and starts to follow her around trying to take the jewel from her. Eventually, the two fall in love and Kikyo tells him that if Inuyasha were to make a pure wish on the jewel that the jewel would become purified and disappear and she would no longer need to protect it. Inuyasha agrees to wish to become full-Human for her and live with her. But it never happens because Naruku betrays both of them turning Kikyo against Inuyasha. Naruku pretends to be Inuyasha and attacks Kikyo as she's bringing the jewel to Inuyasha. Inuyasha then thinks he's been betrayed by Kikyo and steals the jewel and tries to flee the village, but is attacked by Kikyo as she shoots a single enchanted arrow into Inuyasha's heart sealing him against a tree. Inuyasha then falls into a death-like sleep and Kikyo soon dies from her injuries and is cremated along with the jewel. 50 years later, Kagome arrives in the time period that Inuyasha's in and is attacked by a large centipede youkai out to get the Shikon no Tama from her. Kagome runs into the forest where Inuyasha was sealed and finds the body of Inuyasha, still trapped to the tree where he was sealed all those years ago still in a peaceful sleep. Her appearance causes Inuyasha to awaken still out for revenge against the woman who pined him to a tree Kikyo. He sees Kagome assuming that she's Kikyo because Kagome is the recantation of Kikyo. Inuyasha asks simply if Kagome would remove the arrow from his heart and break the spell on him. Kagome agrees wanting to be saved and Inuyasha quickly kills the centipede demon and then demands the jewel from the woman that he thinks is Kikyo. Kagome refuses and Inuyasha attacks her. Kaede, Kikyo's now grown younger sister, places rosary beads upon Inuyasha's neck by magic which Inuyasha cannot remove. Kaede then tells Kagome to use a word to control him. Kagome then picks "Oswari" which means, "Sit". At this call, Inuyasha is sent face first into the ground. Kaede uses this time to explain to Inuyasha that Kikyou died fifty years ago and that Kagome might be the reincarnation of the dead priestess from the future. Inuyasha's not fast to believe this and still tries to take the jewel from Kagome. Later, the jewel is accidentally smashed by Kagome's arrow and the shards spread over the world broken into so many pieces that it is nearly impossible to find and restore the jewel. Kaede tells them that they'll have to travel together to gather them because demons use them to their advantage if they don't. Inuyasha agrees because he wants to make his wish and because of the bond between him and Kagome from the necklace he's forced to wear. Inuyasha also has the power to wield a gift from his father, the Tetsusaiga which is a powerful sword that can kill a hundred demons in one sweep. The Tetsusaiga, however, cannot be controlled by those who do not have both demon and human blood, thus only Inuyasha can use it. It was fashioned from one of the fangs of his father and appears to be a rusty old katana until it transforms into the fang during battle. This transformation can only take place when Inuyasha is protecting a human (usually Kagome).
PS Inuyasha & Sesshoumaru's dad gave Toutousai a fang to make the 2 swords for his sons. The sword Testusaiga is the sword of killing witch Inuyasha has & the sword Tenseiga Is the sword of healing witch Sesshoumaru has. & If the Testusaiga is ever broken when Inuyasha is in battle he will turn full demon & when he is in this form he does not know what he is doing.
KAGOME: Kagome lives in the Higurashi Shrine, along with her Grandpa, Mother and little brother. Where kagome lives the shrine has a well in it the well go's to another diementon full of demons. Right after her 15th birthday, a demon monster grabs her, and pulls her inside the well. After Kagome hits the bottom of the well, she thinks that she was simply dreaming and climbs out of the well realizing that she's not where she was before. Her temple house has disappeared and has been replaced by a deep forest. As she runs towards where her house normally would be, she sees a large tree with a strange boy pinned to it with an arrow. Out of curiosity, she approaches the boy and realizes that he is asleep and sports strange dog-like ears. Realizing she doesn't have time for such silly things, she is about to be on her way when she's attacked by local villagers who think that she's a tanuki, or shape shifting creature. Hearing her arrival, the boy strangely awakens and claims that he smells the woman who killed him... Kikyo. He yells at Kagome, who he thinks is Kikyo, but Kagome firmly tells him that she's not Kikyo at all. Inuyasha finally realizes that her smell is not that of Kikyo and sits in bewilderment. By this time, Kaede arrived and places a magic spell on Inuyasha that prevents him from attacking Kagome at the call of her magical word "Oswari" or translated to "Sit!" Kagome is then declared the reincarnation of Kaede's long dead sister, Kikyo since she carried the jewel within her body. Inuyasha doesn't believe it and Kagome's not sure what to think at this point. After an incident where Kagome accidentally shatters the Shikon no Tama into innumerable pieces, she joins up with Inuyasha on a quest to recover all the pieces and put the jewel back together again before demons can use the powers of the jewel for themselves.
SESSHOUMARU: Sesshoumaru is Inuyasha's older brother. But Sesshoumaru is full demon not half. They have the same father but not the same mothers. Sesshoumaru doesn't like Inuyasha, and is always trying to defeat him or steal the Tessaiga (sword) from him. His ture form is a demon dog. Sesshoumaru's little helper is Jaken. Sesshoumaru has the sword Tenseiga. Sesshoumaru has a whight thing around his sholder this is not a tail it is a plet from his mom or a fur boa. It can't be a tail because he took it off in one of the ep's so it is not a tail.
MIROKU: Miroku is a traveling monk. Every time he meets a beautiful women he says "Please bear my child." Miroku has a black hole in his right hand. A powerfull demon named Naraku gave his fathers fathers fathers it.  Now it passes from generation to generation. He makes friends with Kagome & inuyasha & travels around with them.
SHIPPOU: Shippou is a young fox-demon. His dad was a full fox-demon but was killed by the Lightning brothers. Fox demons are known for their shape-shifting abilities and how they like to play tricks. Shippou's no exception and he can transform himself into basically any form he wishes, though sometimes his transformations are rather incomplete. (One time he turned himself into Kagome, but still had the fox tail even with the illusion) When he first meets Kagome and Inuyasha, he tries to intimidate them by turning into a huge pink ball. After meeting up with Inuyasha and Kagome and being saved by Inuyasha, he decides to stay with the group since he's lost both his parents anyway. He is nothing more than an annoyance to Inuyasha, but Kagome takes kindly to him and Shippou starts to see her as a mother figure.
Naraku:  Therewas a man named Onigumo & he was seriously wounded. Kikyou found him in a cave burnt. He started to desire a new body and he also started to have a lust for Kikyou herself. But one day he went crazy & started to call demons from all over to come & could eat his body in exchange for a new one. So, they did and those many monsters merged into one being that day Naraku. And inside Naraku, Onigumo lived along with many other monsters. Naraku thought up a plan he could use to obtain the jewel and its power. Using his shape-shifting abilities, he transformed into Kikyou's image and found Inuyasha in the forest who was waiting for Kikyou to bring him the jewel so he could wish to become Human for her and live with her. Kikyo then shot arrows at Inuyasha telling him to die and Inuyasha assumed that Kikyo had betrayed him and didn't love him, but rather just wanted to kill him.A few moments later, Naraku took on the form of Inuyasha and chased down Kikyo who was walking though a field with the jewel to give to Inuyasha. Using this form, he mortally wounded Kikyo and took the jewel. Kikyo thought Inuyasha had betrayed her and set out to go kill the hanyou before he could use the jewel. Naraku then took his stolen jewel and returned it to its place in the village where Kikyo lived in the small shrine that held it. By this time, the real Inuyasha had made it back to the village and had his plan to just steal the jewel for himself since Kikyo had betrayed him. He rampaged the village and stole the jewel and took off for the forest happy he could use the jewel to become a full demon now. But before he could get too far, the real wounded Kikyo appeared and shot an arrow straight into his chest pinning him to a tree and putting Inuyasha into a deep sleep. Fifty years later, the jewel reappeared via Kagome and Inuyasha was reawakened. The jewel was shattered and Naraku saw this as his chance and started to collect the jewel shards. Kikyo was brought back from the dead and Miroku appeared out to kill Naraku to stop the curse. Seems like everyone had a bone or two to pick with Naraku and quite frankly. Using his amazing manipulations, he managed to turn most everyone against each other. By the time Kikyo finds out that Inuyasha didn't betray her, it's too late. She only remains on earth powered by her hatred and Inuyasha swears to kill Naraku.
P.S.  He sometimes hides in a wight baboon  suit. Plus he is half-demon even if he does not want others to know.
Kikyo: She was a powerful priestess for a village and was entrusted to protect a powerful jewel called the Shikon no Tama and help purify it from evil. Her holy powers were amazingly powerful and her ability as an archer allowed her to protect the jewel well for a time along with her younger sister and priestess in training, Kaede. Out of all the demons trying to get the jewel there was a half demon named Inuyasha. Kikyo didn't kill him for some reason the first time she met him and he started to follow her around trying to steal the jewel from her. But something happen between them dering every time when Inuyasha was trying to take the jewel. They fell in love. Inuyasha and Kikyo agreed that if Kikyo brought the jewel, Inuyasha would wish to become Human and live with her and that the jewel would finally be purified. Sadly, things didn't go as planned. As Kikyo was bringing the jewel to Inuyasha, she was attacked by Naraku, a hanyou who had taken the appearance of Inuyasha. He mocked her and took the jewel as she was mortally wounded and left. Kikyo became very mad and went out to search for Inuyasha, who had betrayed her. Naraku went back to the village and replaced the jewel in the temple where it was usually kept and then took on the appearance of Kikyou and went to where Inuyasha was waiting. Kikyo shot arrows at Inuyasha which made it look like she had never intended to give Inuyasha the jewel in the first place, just to kill him. Inuyasha became mad and wanted to kill Kikyo for betraying him. So Inuyasha decides to get revenge by going to the village and causing a rampage as he stole the jewel from the temple and then ran out of the village. He was stopped by the real Kikyo who believed he was trying to kill everyone and shot an arrow straight into his heart sealing him against a tree. So now Inuyasha was in a deep sleep and Kikyo retrieved the jewel and right before she died from her wounds, she told her sister, Kaede to burn the jewel with her remains. Fifty years later, Inuyasha's seal was broken and he was brought back to life thanks to Kikyo's reincarnation from the far future, Kagome. Thinking Kagome was Kikyou, he tried to kill her, but then learns from Kikyo's now grown sister, Kaede, that Kikyo died fifty years ago on the day Inuyasha was pined to the tree. Since the jewel was reborn from Kagome, Inuyasha decides to go find the shards with her and use the jewel for his initial purpose to become full demon. Time passes and Inuyasha starts to fall for Kagome as she does for him all over again, but then Kikyo is brought back from the dead from a witch. Having no soul because Kagome now has Kikyo's soul, Kagome's soul was taken from her body and returned to Kikyo and Kikyo was reborn as a zombie. Luckily for Kagome, her soul was returned to her, but a part remained with Kikyo. the feeling of hate and love for Inuyasha that she had before she died. Still believing that she was betrayed, she tries to kill Inuyasha, but it's explained to her that they were tricked by Naraku. She trys to kill her reincarnation, but Inuyasha refuses to believe that Kikyo would try to kill Kagome. So, everyone's caught in this huge love triangle. Kikyo remains on earth traveling around and being a priestess and helping out villagers, but she has her eye on Inuyasha still trying to kill him.
SangoSango is a 16 year old girl that lives in the village with her father & brother. She is a demon slayer. She has a pet named Kirara who is a flying fire cat-like creature. One day she is called to a castle to help exterminate a spider demon. So her brother, father & her go to slay the demon. Well she did not know that Naraku was the man who called. Using powers of deception, he possesses Sango's younger brother. Naraku makes her younger brother kill there father & hits Sango in the back but did not kill her. The villagers shut arrows at him & kill him. Sango is all so shot at & thought to of been killed. Latter on she joyns Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, & Shippo on the quist to fined the jewel shards.
Ayame: She is a female wolf demon. Ayame comes of as one of those people who uses all their strength to get what they want and never gives up. One who refuses to accept the truth. She's a very strong youkai and can be helpful to others when needed. Unlike Kouga she has white fur not brown. She has  brown/red hair. And unlike Kouga's pack of wolfs she has a Granpa and Uncle wolf that talks. You can tell Ayame is very devoting person to her granpa, seeing as she went through all that trouble to try and get Kouga to come to the nothern mountain. She has known Kouga ever since she was a little kid. She likes Kouga as a mate but Kouga just likes her as a friend.
Kouga: Kouga is a male wolf demon. He is a very stubborn and thick guy. In other words, alot like Inuyasha. However, Kouga is alot more open about his feelings. He has 3 shikon shards, one in each leg and one in his right arm, the one in his arm is later taken away. He is in love with Kagome but Kagome is only his friend. He some times fights with his mouth with Inuyasha but fights with words not hands. Kouga thinks he can win Kagome over by being nice but he also thinks Inuyasha is a mut that needs to be put down. He has very fast seed. He has brown fur and black hair. Kouga is the leader of a wolf pack. His name means Steel fang.

  Ryuukotsusei is a steel dragon. Inu's and Sesshoumaru's dad fought this dragon when he was alive. He could not kill him so he put Ryuukotsusei under a spell with one of his claws stuck in his hart. He was seald to a mountain. Ryuukotsusei injerd there dad so bad that days after the fight he died but not before he gave a fang to Toutousai(who makes the Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga). Years and years latter Naraku removes the claw and Ryuukotsusei reawakenss to kill. Inuyasha has to battle him and Inuyasha kills him useing Tetsusaiga's ultimate power the Bakuryuuha.
So You Want To Know About Shikon no Tama......
 It is the jewel of four souls. It has a great power in it. It can be used for good or bad. Most demons use it for bad. It can cause a weak demon to turn very powerful. Just one shard of it can do it. The jewel was so powerful and some say evil they need some one with good spiritual powers to take it and keep it from the bad. So Kikyo took it and kept it. The Jewel came from a Miko from long time ago. She was fighting a demon dragon that looked alot like a fish mix. The dragon was so powerful she could not kill it on her on. She than seald it with her by death of both of them. So when they were fighting the Jewel came out of her side and that's when it was fourmed.
The sword Souunga...........
Souunga is a sword with unbelievable power. (Souunga means azure dragon blast). The sword was inu's and sess fathers. It was sealed across time before he died. BUT in Kagomes time at the shrine the sword sits and stays. There is a seal that keeps it form turning the city into a waist land. One day the seal some how gets took off and the sword comes to life. Latter on it takes controll of Inuyasha and turns Inuyasha into a full youkai. But the only reson this happens is that Inu takes Souunga back to his era. Like Testusaiga Souunga has a power called the Gokuryuuha but the Testusaiga power is the Bakuryuuha. (Gokuryuuha means infernal dragon blast). * more to come*
Some words you may come across on other sites....
Hanyou-half demon
Youkai-full demon
Shikon no Tama-jewel of four souls
Sama-suffix added to a name, indicating deep respect.
Kun-Suffix added to name of a young boy
Chan-suffix added to name, indicating playfulness or a nickname.
San-suffix added to name, indicating respect.
Baka-stupid, idiot, fool
You know when you watch to much Inuyasha *how can you* when.....
When your girlfriend says, "Sit!" you, on impulse, fall flat on the ground.
You seek out someone to forge a sword from your pet dog's tooth.
You ask every girl to bear your child, and insist that you need someone to carry on your lineage.

You are ecstatic when you turn fifteen, hoping that a centipede monster will grab you into your well. You wait next to it for hours...

You want all white baboons to die.
Your pet cat is named Kirara, your dog InuYasha, your fox Shippou....etc *to late for me*

more comeing soon.......



Tessaiga is a sword powerful enough to kill
                                    100 youkai in one swing if you can master it.

You should wield Tessaiga!
Find out Which weapon from Inu Yasha should you wield.

An excellent weapon for long range battle
                                    the strength of your arrow can also be increased if you possess spiritual power.

You should wield a Bow and Arrow!
Find out Which weapon from Inu Yasha should you wield.



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